Mentoring of MobyGIS Srl via the Copernicus Accelerator programme

MobyGIS Srl has been one of the 50 European companies selected to participate at the Copernicus Accelerator 2019’s bootcamp. The Copernicus Accelerator is funded by the European Commision, organized by AZO, and involves high-level professionals for coaching programme regarding space and innovative solutions for business and society.

During the European Space Week , held in Helsinki, on 3-5 December 2019, the mentoring process started on the Copernicus Bootcamp, and for the next 12 months, the dedicated mentor Pedro Branco, from Virtual Angle BV, will turn the transformative business case of the MobyGIS Srl into an impactful commercial solution.

About Copernicus

Copernicus is a European system for monitoring the Earth.
Copernicus consists of a complex set of systems which collect data from multiple sources: earth observation satellites and in situ sensors such as ground stations, airborne and sea-borne sensors. It processes these data and provides users with reliable and up-to-date information through a set of services related to environmental and security issues.

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About MobyGIS Srl

MobyGIS Srl is a start-up company active in the environmental business. It delivers professional services and consultancy in the sector of renewable energies, civil protection and tourism in form of tailored analysis and geographically based visualization platforms: MySnowMaps allows people to have always updated information about the snow for excursions’ planning, measurement of the snow height and accumulation forecast; and, Waterjade is a water inflow predictor. It optimizes energy trading and operations in production plants.

About Virtual Angle BV

Virtual Angle BV is a global provider of integrated systems in the areas of Information Technologies, Security, Design, Communication, and Branding. This company has offices in Noordwijk (The Netherlands), and since its creation, in 2004, Virtual Angle BV is committed to offering competent, professional expertise and teamwork providing excellent services and products with efficiency, integrity, and cost-effectiveness. By doing so, the company has worked with some of the most prestigious organizations at the international level, such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Commission among several other relevant organizations.

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