ICT Operations Service

Working in a highly demanding space environment we at Virtual Angle BV understands that your business relies on critical ICT infrastructure and applications and hence we provide cutting-edge methods and tools to monitor and tune up your servers, ensure the security of your systems.

We can offer the following ICT Operations Services:

  • On-site infrastructure management
  • Hosted infrastructure management
  • Cloud environment management

ICT Operations ServiceOur IT Services Catalogue includes:

  • Server deployment and operating systems set up: We have experience of installing and managing of differently configured ICT environments (Unix, Linux, Windows) with different stages of business maturity or security requirements
  • Database Management: We have  knowledge, skill and experience to help you keep your  database systems always highly available and performing
  • Fault Management: Our goal is to identify any infrastructure faults and start resolving them much before an end-user or a client calls
    Performance monitoring and management: We offer a combination of pre-emptive monitoring, reactive monitoring and rapid problem resolution
  • Availability and capacity management: We will ensure that IT processing and storage capacity matches the evolving demands of your business in a cost effective and timely manner through periodic diagnostics on the availability of the systems, impact analysis of software upgrades of your server, database or operating systems and changes in security policies on the availability of the system and services
  • Data back up: To ensure that your business can deal with the unforeseen, it is crucial to ensure that key data is being properly managed and secured. From traditional solutions to full disaster recovery solutions, we ensure that our client’s business can continue to operate whilst recovering from a significant business disruption

Using best practices from the ITIL framework Virtual Angle BV has tailored its ICT Operations Service approach to meet its space client’s specific requirements by:

  • Ensuring that ICT Operations Services are aligned to the needs of the customers and users, settling clear expectations with both customers and user groups
  • Ensuring the availability and stability of the services when the users need them through clear agreed metrics (up time, service time, response time etc.)
  • Understanding and forecasting the users’ needs/demands monitoring the performance to be able the plan, size and control the adequate service capacity
  • Focusing on minimizing the disruptions to businesses caused by failure of operational systems
  • Providing a skilled service support for incident and problem management
  • Delivering changes (software) faster and at optimum costs and minimized risk through a controlled release and deployment processes